Rental Application

Primary Information
  1. Academic Year for 2018/2019
  2. Do you play any sports?
Parent or Guardian Information for Emergency Contact
Unit Details
  1. Unit Desired:
    1. (Note: one Bedroom and Studio currently SOLD OUT)
  2. Additional Parking Desired:

An application fee of $40.00 must accompany the application before processing will proceed, along with the rental deposit (the amount of which will be discussed with you by the property manager when they contact you after receiving this application form.) You have three business days to cancel this application from the time the application fee and deposit are paid, to receive a full refund of the deposit. Cancellations must be in writing. After the third day, the deposit will be retained. The application fee is non-refundable.

This is to certify that I/We are above the legal age of 19 before or on my/our next birthday, and that the information provided herein is true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge. If any information is found to be untrue or misrepresented, the Landlord will have no obligation to rent the premesis.